How Opal is Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency

OpalCoin, from the Opal development team, is a revolutionary alternative to Bitcoin that is turning heads. Have you heard the latest news about the growing altcoin platform?

Opal is a platform that is adding strength to the movement in favor of cryptocurrencies or digital currencies that are safe and secure. The Opal Marketplace is a unique market where users can both buy and sell items and services for Opal.

Profitability is high for users. There is no worry about exchanges or fees, unlike on eBay and PayPal. Plus, sellers have payments guaranteed while the buyers have the comfort of a secure network that prevents overselling or other malicious activities.

As well, Opal integrates the popular Bittrex exchange within a unique wallet framework, so you can see right away the buys and sells, within your screen, rather than having to go the website. That is convenient for users. The cryptocurrency OpalCoin is not only secure, but it is also anonymous, has high usability and impressive profitability.

And, do not forget about Opacity, a key to the development team’s activities. Opacity has an encrypted messaging system that keeps user communications and personal financial transactions private rather than being open to public viewing. Users can anonymously send messages within the system.

While there are other coin startups, Opal is upfront and open in its development process, with incredible security and encryption services such as Opal Drive. This drive is a secure encrypted file storage system designed to keep user information safe. It is ideal for storing and sending secure information you deem most sensitive, such as financial transactions, bank accounts, invoices and personal data.

In a world where more and more people want to hack into peoples’ personal details, the high security of Opal offers excellent protection for users’ most sensitive information.