Opal Announces its Addition to the SuperNET Core

Opal, an privacy and ease-of-use-centric crypto-currency application, has joined the SuperNET Core. It is now in the company of Vericoin, NXT, BitcoinDark and handful of others for a combined market cap of over $23 million.


Opal-Coin was selected for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the technologies they are building. These include Opaque addresses, an easy to use implementation of Peter Todd’s stealth addresses, as well as P2P encrypted communications and data storage such as Opal Drive. These bring another level of privacy and utility to the SuperNET. However few ideas are worth much without a great team to implement them and this is what JL777 – lead developer of the SuperNET- claims is Opal’s greatest asset.


“The key to a coin’s success is their dev team.” He wrote on the Bitcoin Talk thread, adding: “chanc3r does the tech [evaluation] and OPAL was very active in accepting feedback, but more specifically I have worked with [Whit Jack] recently and he delivered actual working code in a short time”.
The Opal team is composed of eight members. Four of them are developers, Whit Jack and CoolCash being the core developers. The other half of the team is focused on PR & Media, Marketing and Project Management.

Opal has received stamps of approval from the crypto-currency review agencies Coinsource and Proof of developer, and the identity of the core developers has been verified.

Opal’s integration with the SuperNET means their privacy-centric technology will benefit from  Telepathy, the anonymity network being built with BitcoinDark.


This partnership comes soon after Operation Omynous, a cooperative effort among international law enforcement agencies, was able to shut down hundreds of websites in the dark web which used Tor. Though experts have claimed this was not a vulnerability in Tor, concerns and FUD have risen none the less. One known vulnerability is the initial and final connections to the network, which require both parties to exchange IP addresses. This vulnerability has been called ‘The last mile problem’.


Telepathy has a solution to this problem which allows for connection between peers without knowing eachother’s IP addresses. This being a decentralized blockchain based technology not needing a central server to connect parties, sets it apart from competitors.

Many things can be built on top of the SuperNET. One of them will be the integration of NXT’s Free Market onto the Opal wallet. Free Market is a decentralized marketplace similar to ebay and its Bitcoin cousin Open Bazaar.


Along side these developments, Opal is working together with Vericoin and others to run another Multigateway cluster. Multigateway clusters of three or more make possible the SuperNET’s decentralized crypto-currency exchange. Thanks to this, you can expect to find Opal and Vericoin on the SuperNET wallet soon.

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